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About Our Classes and Programs

Scorcher Kickboxing

North Kingstown Fitness Kickboxing Burn fat and tone muscle fast in these super fun kickboxing classes. Flatten your stomach, lean up your arms, and slim down your legs, all while having the time of your life. In fact, kickboxing is so fun our members say it’s addicting.

We have some of the best instructors you’ll ever find, too. They're 100% committed to helping you to get into the best shape of your life. Get started today!

Jeet Kune Do

It’s the amazing martial art created by the one and only Bruce Lee. Jeet Kune Do is what happens when you combine the punches of Wing Chun… the kicks of Kung Fu… the footwork of Fencing… and the brutal force of Western Boxing.

It’s powerful - and it’ll get you in amazing shape on your path to mastery. In our North Kingstown Jeet Kune Do classes, expect all this and more - in every session.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai Kickboxing is easily one of the most intense, hardcore forms of martial arts on the planet - if not the most intense. In these North Kingstown Muay Thai classes you'll learn all of the core techniques as if you were training in Thailand.

Gain powerful striking and defense skills for your own personal self-defense - or to use in competitions. Experience conditioning and training to get you in tip-top shape, and to get you lean and toned. An all-around awesome experience.

Primal Conditioning

This incredible North Kingstown fitness class uses High Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT) to help you burn fat and tone muscle like never before. Discover a flurry of insanely fun and effective exercises that utilize the revolutionary Interval Training approach.

Interval Training works by giving you "intervals" of intense exercise followed by "intervals" of rest. The back and forth between resting and exercise gives your body an extra workout, helping you burn more calories in a single session than you likely ever have from any other workout. Come try it firsthand and see for yourself!

Total Body Forge

Yoga enhances flexibility, balance, and control. Boxing is an adrenaline-pumping, cardio-boosting workout. And TRX gives you all of the above in new, exciting ways.

That’s why we took these amazing workout programs — and more — and combined them into one action-packed North Kingstown fitness class. In every session, you’ll do a crazy variety of exercises that never gets boring, but always produces results. Guaranteed.

Filipino Kali

Discover the powerful Filipino martial art that makes you an unstoppable force... even if your opponent has a weapon. You'll learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones using a style that's been called the most efficient self-defense system on the planet.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

If the thought of unstoppable grappling & submission techniques gets your heart thumpin'... you'll fit right in with our North Kingstown Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Family. Come check out our classes for yourself full of everyone from total beginners to people who have been at it for years.

But if you are brand new, no worries. We run a supportive ship here, and everyone is all about helping each other succeed. We're all about learning the most awesome martial art on the planet, while getting lean & in awesome shape, fast.

About North Kingstown

North Kingstown, Rhode Island is a New England City in Washington County, Rhode Island, United States, and is part of the Providence metropolitan area. As of the United States Estimated Population 2013, the population was 35,320 making it the 13th largest municipality in the state. North Kingstown is home to the birthplace of the famous American portraitist Gilbert Stuart who was born in the village of Saunderstown. Within the town is Quonset Point, location of the former Quonset Point Naval Air Station, known for the invention of the Quonset Hut, as well as the neighborhood of Davisville, location of the former Davisville Naval Construction Battalion Center. North Kingstown is the fastest growing township in the State of Rhode Island.

North Kingstown, RI, with surrounding areas in North Kingstown, Exeter, Warwick, Coventry, and West Warwick is home to Just Train, a Martial Arts facility focusing on programs in Fitness Kickboxing, Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai, HIIT, Functional Fitness, Filipino Kali, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.